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The roads around our school are very busy in the morning and even more so in the afternoon. Therefore it is important that the school has well organised “Pick Up” and “Drop Off” Procedures and that these are clearly communicated to parents, children and school staff.

Consideration must be given to the road rules and the local government’s parking restrictions as signposted around our school.


Hart Street immediately in front of our school is a “5 Minute Drop Off & Pick Up Zone” between 8:30 and 9:15 each weekday morning. All parents may drop off children in this area. The school strongly encourages parents and carers to use the western or school side of Hart Street to avoid children having to walk across Hart Street alone. This is an ideal area for those parents who have Prep students, who might still need to be walked into school.

At peak times before school, parents may also drop children along Hart Street, north of Pound Road.

Children can then safely walk down to one or both of the supervised crossings and enter school via our “Bus Gate”.

Children may also be dropped on the south side of Pound Road adjacent to the school’s “Gym Gate”

Families who have children in Grade Prep are encouraged to use this area immediately in front of the school to both drop off & collect their children.


There are 4 main exit points for the children to leave the school by:

1. BUS GATE - Bus children meet with Mrs Daffy and other staff at the “Bus Gate” to be marked off on bus rolls. They are then escorted across the road to await their bus. Parents who wish their children to travel on buses need to have completed a “Permission To Travel” form available from the school office.

2. PREP GATE - Prep children and their older siblings who are to be collected by car should meet at the “Prep Gate”. Parents who have children in Grade Prep are encouraged to park in Hart Street immediately in front of the school.

Please note the eastern side of Hart Street, immediately across from the school, is a NO STANDING ZONE from 3 pm till 4 pm Monday to Friday. It is unsafe and unlawful for parents to park on this side of Hart Street between 3:00 & 4:00p.m. as it may encourage children to run across this very busy section of road.

Three teachers will supervise this collection point in accordance with our duty roster.

3. CROSSING 1 - Children who have siblings at Trinity College are encouraged to meet one of our teachers at our main Hart St gate to be escorted to “Crossing 1” The children are walked to this area by at least 2 staff members, one of whom will be a teacher. Some children will cross Hart St and proceed to walk home while those meeting their parents may wait on either side of Hart St. Parents are welcome to use the Trinity College car park for collecting children.

4. GYM GATE - Children who do not have any siblings at Trinity College may like to meet one of our teachers at the Gym. Their parents will be parked along Pound Road. The teacher will escort the children to the footpath in this area for collection. 

Two staff members will supervise this collection point daily in accordance with our duty roster. 

Consistency and Predictability are the keys to a safe end of day routine. If children are collected from the same point every night they quickly learn independence in this matter – they know where to go and feel confident about what they are doing.


The above diagram explains these pick up points graphically. Parental co-operation with these procedures greatly assists us in keeping all of our children safe.

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