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Sacred Heart is a Catholic School and is an important part of the Catholic church’s mission. Dignity and respect form the basis of teaching and learning in our school, with the values of the Gospel integral to the faith development activities and religious education programs of the school.

All staff in our school are expected to:

a) accept the Catholic educational philosophy and develop and maintain an adequate understanding of our values and priorities and how this might impact on our teaching practises and programs

b) hold or intend to obtain Accreditation to teach Religious Education in a Catholic school and uphold the Professional Standards of a Teacher as set out by the Victorian Institute of Teaching

c) be committed to ongoing professional development

d) hold the appropriate qualifications as required by State authorities

e) be a person suitable to work with children

Position Descriptions and Applications for Employment can be found at the list below.

We welcome your interest in any of the positions described below. Further details or queries may be addressed by contacting the school on (03) 52 315292

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